Kde or Gnome?

I can’t decide:confused:.Do it for me.:slight_smile:

Try each & decide for yourself,besides you wouldn’t be the 1st with a mix’n’match install. For instance, I use KDE but use GIMP & sometimes Brasero, both Gnome. I use Audacious which I think is neither,because Amarok(KDE) just hasn’t been the same since they left 1.4.
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Kde OR Gnome?

I’ll take the OR.:stuck_out_tongue:
Xfce4 here with mix breed of kde/gnome.rotfl!

Let me explain clearly KDE’s and GNOME’s pros and cons.



  1. In KDE, all applications basically look and work the same. Some distros (like openSUSE) implement KDE in such a way that even non-KDE-specific apps look and work like KDE ones. (e.g. Firefox, OpenOffice.org) The theme for the icons, buttons, checkboxes, and all widgets is called ‘Oxygen’. KDE 4.3 has the Air theme, which, however, does use Oxygen widgets (buttons, checkboxes, etc.)

  2. KDE has tons of applications preinstalled. Kontact, Konqueror, Yakuake, KMail, Choqok, Marble, you name it.

  3. KDE 4 (series of latest versions, current one is 4.3) has a very good-looking interface with fancy 3d effects. A reason to use it if you’re a fan of eye candy, but if not, then no reason.


  1. KDE has a bit of a confusing, cluttered interface which makes it slightly difficult for some users. But it’s still highly functional.

  2. The KDE 4 versions are buggy compared to GNOME and KDE 3.5 (older version) and thus may give you some problems. I use KDE4, however, and it works fine for me.



  1. A highly stable desktop environment.

  2. Has very little visual and desktop clutter and is very easy to use.

  3. GNOME has some applications that KDE does not have, or KDE does not have the equivalents of. Cheese Webcam Booth, for example, is a very good GNOME app for using your webcam.


  1. Has few applications compared to KDE. Although they’re still enough for a normal computer user, this is still a drawback.

  2. Not much desktop eye-candy. You could use Compiz, but KWin is the default window manager in KDE, and it’s loaded with eye candy. KDE itself (with the Oxygen and Air themes) looks good in comparison to GNOME, although it’s somewhat cluttered.

But don’t completely rely on what I just told you. Try both GNOME and KDE (you can install both on one machine at the same time) and then choose the one you like best.

Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

poll is closed.I use kde.:wink:

When I use a desktop manager i prefer Gnome.
More cleaner and rational.

But often i use some window manager as IceWM.

If you install both, you can use KDE programs in Gnome and use Gnome programs in KDE. It’s the best of both worlds. At the login screen, you can choose which one you want to use by selecting it in a menu. Easy Easy Easy.

I’m using GNOME, so far so good. But remember GNOME does have PulseAudio dependencies hard-locked in. Even though that is not a problem by itself (I actually think the integration of PA into GNOME is quite robust), but just a warning that you might run into problems if you wan to use SKYPE to for PC-to-PC call. 1 - 2 seconds lag in recording and transmitting your sound (common problem), no fix ATM, which is quite frustrating.

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