KDE or Gnome

Is it possible to set up 11.1 to have a choice of KDE or Gnome at Login

Previous versions allowed this.

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Sam ( New to 11.1)

If you install both desktop environments then you can always choose which to load at the login screen (you just need to have autologin turned off and appropriate patterns installed.

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I have tried to change the Login but receive the message "Command ‘/usr/bin/kcmshellkdm-lang en_us’ not found when I respond apply. I realise that I have to install some language package, but which one ?


Sounds unusual. How did you install it in the first place? You should be able to just run YaST and find ‘patterns’ for KDE / GNOME. There are two - base and something else (desktop? can’t remember). Install both and you should be away.

Go to software management and change the filter to “patterns”

Tick both gnome base system and kde base system (if you want to run KDE 4.1.3) if not they (using stable 42 repositories) you’d need to find that pattern with zypper pt.

Hey Canon,

This should help you out: Multiple Desktop Environments


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I will try all solutions to-morrow and report back

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Thank you all who helped especially Unseen-Ghost for your link.


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Had a feeling that it might help you out.