KDE/Openbox plasmoid offset off screen


I like to run KDE with openbox instead of kwin. System:
openSUSE 11.3
KDE 4.5.4
openbox 3.4.11

My problem is that all plasmoids are displayed off screen when I boot into KDE. The only way to fix it is by opening the cashew on the task bar and closing it - which seems to cause a refresh of the plasmoids locations.

My question is: is there a way to fix this? If not, is there a workaround to have the plasmoids refreshed upon login?


Guessing a bit, I’m not an Openbox User, but 'way back years ago on VMware I saw the same thing. Problem was a faulty display driver(OEM problem, nothing you can do).

My solution then was to find a different default Guest screen resolution where the Desktop icons (Widgets now) stay put. Try smaller and larger.


Didn’t work.

I forgot to mention that this occurs on three different laptops all different models with different graphics hardware.

Also, this is something that was not introduced with KDE 4.5.4 just released, it has occured since I started using KDE at 4.5.1.


My mistake, Openbox isn’t a virtualization technology, it’s a Windows Manager.

I guess my question is why you are using it?
Am wondering if you have the same problem without Openbox…


I guess my question is why you are using it?

Because I like it. Should there be any other reason? :wink:

And no, the problem is only with KDE/Openbox.


As good a reason as any :}
But, was wondering if there was some feature you craved which took you off the most beaten path.

It would probably still be informative to determine whether it’s likely a problem specific to Openbox. That could suggest whether you should follow up by searching KDE or Openbox support resources to get more eyeballs.


Since you are curious: I like openbox because it is fast replacement for non-compositing kwin in KDE 4.5 on laptops with older hardware.

Since there hasn’t been a suggestion on how to fix this problem, what about how to automate the workaround: open and close the toolbox for the taskbar on startup. Is this part possible?



  1. Change your default login to the standard KDE session (kwin)
  2. Put an executable script in ~/.kde/Autostart like the following:


openbox --replace &

  1. log in like normal.

The script will replace kwin with openbox upon start up and the offset seems to be gone. Not very clean, but it works.


I have this problem as well. Fedora 14, KDE 4.5 and Openbox.

I currently run KDE/Openbox (no kwin), and have found a work-around.
When I log in, the menu and volume control windows open off screen, as for you. The fix is to click in the rightmost part of the panel, to open the panel setup controls.

Just open the panel control and close it at once. After this kmenu and volume control open where they should!

Try and boot with the kernel option “nomodeset”