KDE okay but no system display

Suddenly, after a reboot, I was faced with a blank screen. No BIOS screen, no Grub screen, no screen with the three holes and the moving dot, nothing. I thought at first that I was faced with a hardware error but, after letting things run, KDE started perfectly.

When I log off the screen goes blank (no screen with the moving dot, no logoff commands, nothing) and ctl-alt-f2 doesn’t give me command-line screen.

It looks to me like the non-KDE system output is going to another device (which doesn’t exist). How do I get it back onto my screen? I feel that I’m not in control, especially since I need the ctl-alt-f2 screen quite regularly because I keep getting the “screen locker broken” error when moving between accounts.

The OS has nothing to do with the BIOS splash screen that is a BIOS/UEFI thing. Maybe check BIOS settings?

How, if I can’t access the screen?

In any case, what BIOS setting allows display of the KDE screens but doesn’t display command-mode screens?

Good question but if the BIOS screen does not show it has nothing at all to do with the OS. It is hardware or BIOS problem