KDE Notifications, Need help to disable..

Greetings All,

Since upgrading to Suse 11.1, I am experiencing pop-ups and alarms in KDE 3.5 that I cannot seem to disable. I’ve use the
Configure Desktop->Sound & Multimedia panels to disable all sounds and notifications. However, these settings appear to be ignored.

I’ve encountered some other problems with KDE settings being moved on 11.1, without the pointers in the panels being updated. I’m assuming this is also the case for notifications. Could some kind soul point me to the new location of these notifications so that I can turn these rather annoying messages off?

Thanx in advance.


In case it is pulse audio, try:
Configure Desktop->Sound & Multimedia > sound system > hardware and change the ‘select the audio device’ to something other than “auto” detect.

Perhaps try alsa (advanced linux sound architecture)