KDE not connecting to Wifi after Gnome 3.0 install

Hi Guys,

Got an issue here, I installed Gnome 3.0 with One Click install and after reboot KDE Network Manager shows all the wifi access points but clicking on them doesn’t do anything seems like the click doesn’t work on it.

Please let me know if someone has solution for this, also I want to remove GNOME 3 completely from the system, what step should I follow?


Sadly: when you install Gnome 3 alongside KDE, the network manager applet fails. It’s a known bug. You might try the Yast (traditional method with ifup) method for connecting wifi.

Remove the gnome 3 repo and run an update in the form of “zypper dup” but include the -D option to get a dummy run first up.

PS I just read somewhere else that the way to remove Gnome 3 from alongside KDE is to remove the Gnome packages one by one. Looks like a real big chore.

Probably the simplest thing to do will be to run the gnome network manage applet under KDE. See Gave up Knetworkmanager. Made Networkmanager-GNOME work on KDE4!
You probably won’t have to remove the KDE network manager applet. It should be sufficient to get into the “Startup and Shutdown” personal settings (Service Manage section), and configure the network manager applet to not automatically start.

To me it looks like gnome 3 is a mess rightnow, lets give some time and let it mature.

I would advise caution to installing Gnome 3. There is a big warning sign calling attention to its immaturity at the moment at the head of the forum pages. So for testing surely sand-boxing virtually would be the preferred route. Or do a totally separate testing partition install… Sorry not meaning to sound like I’m lecturing but I would always treat new tech cautiously, especially if the devs are doing so!