KDE Network Manager: Setting the default connection

So the network manager in KDE 4.3 works pretty well for me. It allows me to switch between connection types (wired and wireless) and it allows me to switch between connections within those types.

Anyone figure out how to set the default connection, though? I see, when I click the tray icon, there is a heart with “Default” as the tooltip text, but it just stays next to whatever the current connection is. I guess it is more a representation of the default connection to USE for data… not the default connection to use for settings.

The reason I ask is that when I am at home, I use a specific wired connection because I want the same local IP (which is pulled out of the DHCP pool). Obviously when I am elsewhere, I want whatever DHCP gives me most of the time.

So, with all that in mind, I’d like to tell the app to always connect via my “Home Wired” settings, I’ll manually select something else when need be. Instead, right now, it always connects via the DHCP configured “System eth0” that I guess is there by default.