KDE Network Manager error when trying to setup Bluetooth network connection

I have a Plugable USB bluetooth adapter which was working perfectly with KDE in opensuse 12.3. I have just upgraded to 13.1, still using KDE but cannot now setup a mobile broadband connection using this adapter. The following is the behaviour observed:
Select “Configure bluetooth” from the menu
Add device
Selected Nokia 2730 classic and set manual pin
Successfully paired with phone which was set to allow automatic connnections
Following compatible services found
Send file
On selecting PANU and clicking Finish, got a popup window with the following:
ERROR Network Management
Default bluetooth adapter not found. Method “DefaultAdapter” with signature “” on interface “org.bluez.Manager” doesn’t exist

If I select “Browse devices” from the bluetooth menu, then the Nokia 2730 classic phone is listed and files on it can be browsed. This seems to suggest that the hardware is OK, so I guess that I may have a configuration problem in NetworkManager. When I was using 12.3, using exactly the same steps worked just as expected, without any need for extra configuration.

Any ideas would be most welcome