kde needs 2 logons to start

Hi there
Quite often, I have to login twice to get into KDE 4.24 on my 64-bit opensuse 11.1 mobo: at the logon screen, I select a user, enter its password and hit Enter; it works a little bit then goes right back to the logon screen, no message whatsoever. I then logon again and it works alright.
How can i fix that please?

I had this happen once or twice in kde4.2.* from the 42’ repo. I know it wasn’t a wrong password, because you don’t get the failed login notice. But nothing recently and anyway I have moved on to 4.3 beta.
I never looked in to the issue.

Check the reported bugs. Try Novell first because it’s their packaging.

Thank you.
I did find a bug that looks a lot like what I’m having:
Its is, however, at status “resolved” because no-one can reproduce it!

Try updating your entire KDE4 repos unconditionally. Looks like something went wrong with post-install. Had this too and updating all KDE4 packages did the trick. Still don’t know what exactly was causing it.


maybe if you can reproduce it you can reopen the bug and attach your .xsession-error :slight_smile:

I also have this problem but I have the feeling that this only happened after an upgrade of kde: when there was a newer version available in KDE 4.2 repositories e.g. from 4.2.3 to 4.2.4. I’ve also looked into .xsession-errors and it looks like something (a service) wasn’t reachable maybe because it wasn’t started yet? I don’t remember the exact output. I didn’t investigated the problem anymore because it worked after the next login :wink:

Have a lot of fun

There’s more you can try. You could initiate all KDE4 settings by doing this:

At login screen hit Ctrl-Alt-F1
Login with username and password, and issue command below
mv .kde4 .kde4.old
Now hit Cltr-Alt-F7 to return to login screen. You will see the standard desktop, so any candy and settings will have to be reapplied, or copied from the saved .kde4.old

Good luck

I got it again on the 8th of July. I re-opened the bug at

I still have that problem even though I am now in KDE 4.31.