KDE Monitor Settings stopped working

I have gotten a small problem with my dual screen settings in KDE.

After I pressed Fn+F1, I got thrown into my lock screen. When I unlocked, the KDE desktop was not very responsive. I then pressed CTRL+Backspace to end/kill KDE and log in a new.

First I didn’t get any KDE stuff up, only black screens on both my laptop monitor and the additional/secondary monitor. After a while the KDE panel appeared again, but both monitors occupy the same space(duplicated). Trying to put it back as it was in KDE monitor settings doesn’t work. I place the monitors side by side, set my secondary monitor as primary. Pressing Apply or OK does nothing. When I open monitor settings again, both monitors are placed placed back on the same space.

My ~.kde4/share/config/krandrrc

StartupCommands=xrandr --output LVDS1 --pos 0x432 --mode 1366x768 --refresh 59.9782
xrandr --output HDMI2 --pos 1366x0 --mode 1920x1200 --refresh 59.9502
xrandr --output HDMI2 --primary




O-Boy I panicked. I was trying to locate my CrashPlan backup to restore my KDE settings. I then remembered I recently updated some KDE packages and thought I should try a restart of my PC. That did the trick. I try to restart only when absolutely necessary.

When I upgrade my KDE, shouldn’t be necessary to just log out/in? Didn’t think a KDE update should require a restart.

Which openSUSE and KDE version are you using?

Starting with KDE 4.11 (as shipped with openSUSE 13.1), krandrrc is not used any more, because krandr got replaced with kscreen.

Anyway, can’t you set up your monitors the way you like to have them in KDE’s “Configure Desktop”/“Systemsettings”->“Display and Monitor”?

Yes, it should be sufficient to logout/login.
But maybe some processes kept on running and keeping old stuff in memory?

You said that you forcefully killed the X session, so this might be what has happened…

OpenSUSE 13.1
KDE 4.12.4

After this happened I could rearrange my monitors in KDE’s “Configure Desktop”/“Systemsettings”->“Display and Monitor”, but it didn’t have any effect.
I am up and running again after a restart and it is A-OK.

If it is not using Randr, why is it there?
Where are the KScreen settings configuration files stored?

Maybe a left-over from an earlier version?

But kscreen is of course also using RANDR (an X extension) internally, it keeps the setting in different files though.
There is no krandr anymore, which also only called xrandr to do the actual work (it basically saved an xrandr command line in the config which was executed on login then as you can see in your config file).

Where are the KScreen settings configuration files stored?

In ~/.kde4/share/apps/kscreen/. There’s one file per display.