KDE misc icon does not work


an interesting effect with KDE: I am trying to create a shortcut on my desktop for my “misc” directory. I have been trying to click on the misc folder (dolphin) and transport it to the desktop with the mouse: it does ask me if I wish the Folder view, the icon view etc, but then if I ask for the icon view it transforms into a specific icon “Miscellaneous” which seems to be predefined in KDE (and has also a specific icon image) and obviously is not a shortcut to my misc folder…

How do I just simply get an icon linking to my folder “misc” on the desktop then?


So there is an icon on your desktop now, right? Can you edit it?

Yes I can edit its properties but I cannot change its behaviour. It seems to be a pre-defined one. It does says “folder” and seems linked with my “misc” folder, but when I click on the icon it asked me for root privileges and in fact open “YAST” !!!