KDE misbehaving after resizing Root partition

In order to install ANSYS I had to remove Fedora and increase partition size of openSUSE root as ANSYS required 21 GB of space while setup was only 6.5 GB. :open_mouth: Didn’t know that .tgz has so large compression ratio.

To increase the partition size I booted into openSUSE 13.1-kde-live. In gparted I deleted fedora root partition (which was next to openSUSE root) and resized openSUSE root by right clicking on openSUSE root partition and selecting resize. Then I rebooted into installed openSUSE 13.2 (which was installed earlier)

Success! I’m able to boot into all the DEs installed - KDE, MATE, xfce4, enlightenment, GNOME (came free with xfce4 and MATE)

But, after booting into KDE after few minutes the system freezes. Sometimes, graphics freezes, mouse pointer also freezes, Alt+F2 doesn’t work. Ultimately I logout by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and boot into other DE.

  1. How do I solve this problem

  2. How do I check integrity of my root partition which is having ext4 filesystem (I didn’t want to break my head on btrfs)

PS - I’ll get scolding for this, “I didn’t do backup of root before resizing it!” :wink:
Also I’m using KDE5

after creating a new user account, are the symptons the same when logged into that account?

suggest the new account is generated via YaST in terminal mode without a gui being loaded

No I’ve not generated new account. I’m logging into same user/admin account. I just resized root partition from a openSUSE-13.1-kde live usb and then boot into previously installed openSUSE system that is 13.1, logging into same user account.

You misunderstood. It was being strongly suggested that you create a new user account and see if the problem is still there.

The reason for this is to test whether there is a problem with system configuration (would also affect a new user), or with your own user configuration and cached information (would not affect a new user).

Created a new user account by yast in terminal mode and logged into it in KDE

Have been using it for a hour and no significant problems are noticable. KDE works fine :smiley:

Ok now I’ve used kde being logged into the newly created user account for 5 hours or so and it functions properly.
So, may be user config error

Yes, it looks that way.

I have no experience with KDE5.

If I had that problem with KDE4, I would remove “/var/tmp/kdecache-$USER”. I would do that while not logged into KDE (maybe using a console login or an Icewm login). Then I would log back into KDE and let it rebuild its cache. That fixes some problems due to cached data. If that failed, I might remove $HOME/.kde4 and start all over with a new KDE configuration

I don’t know where KDE5 keeps its configuration and cached data. So I can’t be very helpful at this stage, other than to suggest the general idea.

The config is in ~/.config/, and the cached data is in ~/.cache/.

So I’d suggest trying to remove ~/.cache/ first.
If that doesn’t help, rename ~/.config/, but this will affect other non-KDE5 stuff as well like GNOME, vlc, and libreoffice.
You could move stuff back one-by-one afterwards, or just remove the KDE5 stuff manually with a filemanager. powermanagementprofilesrc or kwinrc would be the most obvious candidates I suppose.

Weird! Since, I’m having KDE5 I expected “/var/tmp/kdecache-$USER” would not be present, but it was. So, I removed it. I also found ~./cache, so, I removed it also.

I did this in MWM.

Then logged back in KDE - original user account. It is working fine till now.

That’s not weird at all.
I suppose you’re still using KDE4 applications, so it is normal that this still exists.
Also, Plasma5/KF5 has some KDE4 compatibility.

Removing it shouldn’t have been necessary, as it shouldn’t affect the Plasma5 desktop at all, but it should not harm either (it’s just a cache).