kde menu

Hi all,
i have installed opensuse 11 and kde 4.1 (development) but i hate start menu
because of this:
try to go applications → systems… when i try to scroll hidden menu… i mistakely change to recently tab or leave tab… hate this
the tabs should not changed when hovered but only change when clicked
then i change to classic menu, but i can not find all menu… like kcontrol and i dont know how to change gamma like in kde3
thanks for help

will this be fixed?

KControl is called “Personal Settings (Configure Desktop)”; it’s on both the Classic menu and on Kickoff . . . the program executable is now “systemsettings”, which can be run from the command line prompt. If for some reason it’s not on the menu, right click on the menu and you will see “Menu Editor”, which you can use to add to the menu.

If you right click on the start menu, you can select Application Launcher Settings. It gives you an option to enable or disable tab switching on hover.

wow thanks for option to enable or disable tab switching on hover.
i still cant find system-settings in classic menu :frowning:

With the classic menu, system settings is under Favorites > Personal Settings Configure Desktop.

thank you… it is under favourite ^^ which imho it should not be there