KDE Menu files

I am trying to find & edit the file(s) that are used to create the main menu on my KDE Menu.

I found the “.desktop” files. The ones I have looked at all modify what happens once you have selected a file. I have been looking for a “.desktop” kind of file that modifies the main menu.

Does anyone know where to find that file? or am I looking in the wrong place?!

On my 10.2/KDE, there’s a settings > menu editor item on the main menu. Have you tried something like that functionality, GUI and all?

I am looking for the actual configuration file itself. I can edit the Main Menu. I used that to try and locate the file that is getting modified. It is just that I am having no luck in locating the specific file or files that hold the menu configuration.

Personal KDE configuration files are normaly in $HOME/.kde/share/