KDE mediamanager not running

I’m currently in the process of installing and setting up an openSUSE Linux machine for a very good friend of mine who has no Linux experience at all.

We’ve been going through GUIs last week and she has settled on KDE4 since she liked the look and feel of it. Now, however, I have stumbled upon a problem with OpenOffice 2.4.0 and the latest KDE4 (stable) 4.0.4. When opening the Save/Open window and subsequently clicking on the media-link (media:/) I get an error message saying “KDE mediamanager not running”.

I have used my google-fu to solve this riddle but was only able to find descriptions dating back to 2007 and 2006, all of them in concerning KDE3. What’s the deal here? She works a lot with flash drives, thus the media-link in OpenOffice would be of great assistance. Is there a way to enable mediamanager in KDE4 or is this a known bug? If so, does a workaround exist?

Anyone? This is really annoying

I have the same problem - and you are right, it is really annoying. Did you find a solution yet?

The problem is that KDE4 no longer uses a media system like it did back in KDE3. So if your running an application that was built for KDE3 (Amarok, digikam or openoffice) they are trying to access a service that no longer exists. Once these apps are ported over to kde4 this will no longer be an issue. For example the amarok, K3b and digikam problem doesn’t exist with their ported versions. I have not tried openoffice 3.0, but I assume it’s lso fixed there too.