Kde login just return back to login screen 2023

I don’t remember well what do I do to get this error because before of this happened I used to login through a TTY with:

$ startx

I’ve intalled the gnome keyring.

The unique way to make the graphic interface works is doing:

sudo systemctl restart xdm

After that I choose the Plasma (wayland) and login normally, but there are different limitations (not available to share the screen on zoom calls) through this method :frowning_face:.

The X11 doesn’t works, there was not “/etc/X11/xorg.conf” I try to make one with “nvidia-xconfig” but doesn’t works, so, I delete it again.

I try to put this file 50-systemd-user.sh, found on github, in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/50-systemd-user.sh, but either works.

The output when I execute the startx shows me 2 errors one because there was not 50-systemd-user.sh file, and the other error after I put the file was “xf86EnableIO:failed to enable I/O ports 0000-03ff”

And the first error was “xauth (argv): 1 : bad display name “amnesia:1” in “remove” command”.

The output of:

$ sudo journalctl -b 

Is this: OUTPUT



First, welcome to the openSUSE Forums.

Please be aware that, because of systemd, it is unwise to start a Desktop session with “startx”.

  • The default systemd target should be the “graphical.target” – please check with:

> systemctl get-default

  • To change the default systemd target, use YaST → System → Services Manager:
    At the top of the window → the Standard System Target.

Yep, this is my output:

$ systemctl get-default

As an update I had to choose another kernel because the last, was sending me to a rescue console :frowning_face:. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I get this output posted here:

what do these ata error messages mean?

I’m doing backup of my data, because IDK if I can start the system again.

I have discover that I have 2 active sessions

$ loginctl
      3 1000 ci4n seat0 
      6 1000 ci4n seat0 tty2
$ loginctl show-session 3 | grep Type
$ loginctl show-session 6 | grep Type

I’m in the tty2.


I’m start thinking that each time I Login it launch me to another tty, when I try with X11, because with Wayland works fine.

The first Display Manager is usually launched on TTY7 – if, from the session running on TTY7 you “Login as another user”, that user’s session will be launched on TTY8 – and so on, and so on – up to a system defined maximum.

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May be the credentials manager is failing? And that’s why it doesn’t bring me to the session itself but the login screen again?

Since it is failing I can’t use the graphic card (Nvidia), I’m working with the integrated graphics of intel.

The prime-select command outputs:

nvidia catched
nvidia driver already in use!

I’ve installed the Nvidia 06 drivers.

But the output of glxinfo is:

$ glxinfo | grep 'OpenGL renderer string'
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2)

Ah! NIVIDIA – I use AMD and therefore, can not help you further.

A full /tmp can cause this.

I’ve fixed it deleting the /home/user/.xinitrc file, thanks everyone for helping me :3

You could also, check the configuration files in the user’s Home directory against the current system versions located in ‘/etc/skel/’ .