KDE Lock screen - Password entry fails


I am having a problem after the screen locks post tumbleweed update to my system

I updated to tumbleweed yesterday. Since then if my screen locks it requests the password to unlock the screen but will not recognize the password, I end up having to reboot the machine to log in again.

Where should I be looking to fix this issue?

I’m seeing exactly the same behavior,
password not recognized from KDE lock screen.

Very annoying.


Run this to fix your PAM configuration:

sudo pam-config -d --unix2
sudo pam-config -a --unix

The main problem here is that the security team declines installing kcheckpass as suid root, like it was in KDE4.
No problem on new installs (12.3 or higher), but if you upgraded since before 12.3 (and didn’t adapt your PAM config manually), you are affected.

And yes, we added a workaround to the Plasma5 packages over a week ago (i.e. those two commands are run on package installation now), it’s in the Tumbleweed repo since a few days already too.
If your system is up-to-date, you should not have that problem any more.

Man your quick ‘wolfi323’

I just found a good explanation in


(and yes i have an upgraded system so the ‘bug’ applies to my system :slight_smile: )


PS copied the common-*.rpmnew files manually so I won’t be able to confirm if a system update fixes the problem…