KDE Live USB won't boot looking for gfxboot

I am trying to build a live USB for my ASUS EEEpc and have followed instructions as well as I can. I downloaded the iso to my main computer and built the live USB with unetbootin and the openSUSE ISO. When I try to boot the live USB, it fails looking for gfxboot.

How do I recover from this?

Thanks for your help.

Why not give my bash script a try?

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Thank You,

Thanks for your answer.

I’m running on a gentoo system and do not have the opensuse specific packages like zypper, among others.

Other systems have iso’s that are complete and can be installed with something like unetbootin. I’m thinking of fedora and ubuntu here, but I’d like to try a KDE-based live USB.

What I think I need is to come up with the gfxboot file and get it on the USB.