KDE Live 13.2 x64 updated, "su" starts asking for password

After x64 13.2 KDE Live is fully updated, then “su” starts asking for a password. (Anything can be entered.)

How can that be reverted to the previous behavior of simply dropping into root without asking for a password?

I have to give up on openSUSE 13.2 live – just got a btrfs BUG, and doesn’t look like the kernel is upgradable for a live usb key. I don’t know why such a new fs was pushed on everyone. The live iso is so close, but not quite there like an actual installation (well mine use ext4 though).

No, you cannot upgrade the kernel on a live USB. Well, I think you can, but it doesn’t do anything. The USB will continue to boot the original kernel, because it can’t find your updates until after it is booted.

As for why “btrfs”. For an actual install, you can choose a different file system. I’m not sure if that works with the USB. They used “btrfs” there, because creating “btrfs” is faster than creating an “ext4” file system. And people were complaining that booting the live USB was taking too long when it was creating the hybrid file system (happens on first boot).