KDE language in 13.1

Hi, I’ve installed packages bundle-lang-kde-cs and bundle-lang-common-cs on a fresh install of 13.1, but there is still American English only available in Configure Desktop, see http://postimg.org/image/fliz3smdb/

I did restart just to be sure KDE noticed the new files (packages).

What’s wrong, should I install some other packages?
Thanks in advance!

Install kde4-l10n-cs, this contains the KDE4 translations.

bundle-lang-kde-xx only contains the translations for certain KDE applications that are not included in KDE itself:

This package groups translations for a dozen of KDE programs into
languages, not split out into extra packages.
* amarok
* digikam
* digikam-doc
* gwenview
* k3b
* kaffeine
* kdebase3-SuSE
* kdetv
* kerry
* kipi-plugins
* konversation
* ktorrent
* libkipi

Ah, this is what I get for using CLI only, I didn’t find it with “zypper se lang” :slight_smile: . Thank you very much!