kde kwallet interferes while mate desktp is running

I have 15.2 installed and have been running mate de for a long time. i installed kde plasma to investigate that de. Now, while logged back onto mate, kde wallet keeps asking for passwords for apps that never needed a password before.

How can kde apps interfere with operation while logged in on mate?

After a while, I did delete all the kdewallet files through yast (while on kde login) and interference seems to have gone away. Both kde and mate as well as gnome cohabitate together and I can freely switch from on to the other but my question still remains.

tom kosvic

Set a blank password and it should not bother you again. At least it does in KDE

Because it probably also got started on boot even in the Mate session. That is one of the consequences of having installed multiple DEs.
I think there is even an option to start KDE and Gnome apps on boot in Mate where you can enable/disable it and you could also deactivate it from startup applications.