KDE Konsole - Per Tab histiry location ?

I am running 12.3 and KDE 4.11.2

I use Konsole a lot, often with multiple Tabs open, to run cli/ssh sessions to various other elements on my network.

I have noticed that a unique copy of the command history, which would normally be in ~/.bash_history if I were running from level 3, is kept for each Tab.

Any idea where those histories are saved?

I sort of expected to find them in ~/.kde4/share/apps/konsole/ but they are not there.


As I have continued my search, I have noticed an additional anomoly.

In Dolphin, with location /home/user, with Show Hidden files selected in View (Alt+.), I do not see these two files:


I found them from Konsole

carl@PVE-LinuxSRV5:~> ls -l .b*
-rw-r--r-- 1 carl users 13767 Oct  2 06:42 .bash_history
-rw-r--r-- 1 carl users  1281 Apr 14  2011 .bashrc

Any ideas why these do not appear in Dolphin?

I reviewed .bash_history, which looks normal, although at the moment I can’t figure out which Konsole Tab session it is from.

PARTIALLY SOLVED (or at least understood)

OK, I have sort of figured out my Konsole tab question.

From a Google search, found on another Forum a comment that
“…Konsole keeps all command histories in RAM until Konsole is closed…”, that was a good hint.

It appears to me that each open Tab keeps it’s own history, then on closure the TABs are closed in reverse order, newest first, and the contents of the [RAM] History cache are appended to the file ~.bash_history, Tab2’s first, then TAB1’ as an example.

When a new TAB is opened, it starts with the current contents of ~/.bash_history, which is not current with TAB1 if TAB1 has been open for a while.

If you are like me and run Konsole with three TABs open and sleep you system when not in use, hence not closing Konsole, just suspending it, the new history associated with a new TAB will be very out of date with respect to already opened TABs

So, my now remaining question is, why does Dolphin not display .bash_history and .bashrc in a Detailed View Tree with Show Hidden Files selected?

Thanks in advance for thoughts on the topic

Sorry, SOLVED this for myself; duh.

When using Dolphin and sorting by Name (descending) and View->Show Hidden Files,
one sees
Hidden Directories (.a — .z)
Non-Hidden Directories (a — z)
Hidden Files (.a ---- .z)
Non-Hidden Files (a — z)

So .bash_history was there, with the other hidden FILES, but way down the tree.