Kde kick off alternative

Hi was wondering if there was a hood alternative to kick off I could use. On a pc I can bear kick off but I am spending my time mostly on a laptop lately.

Is there a good alternatvE I could use?

You can switch it to the classic menu style
To do unluck the widgets then right click the kick off icon

I am used to the xfce menu and I always switch the kde kick off to the classic menu style

Yeah classic is definitely better than kickoff . It looks with kde 4.8 and plasmoids this might be a little bit solved found this little guide http://www.thepowerbase.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Desktop-1_001.png . Saw also a screencast for kde HUD in 4.9.

I use this


Someone uploaded it some years ago

If you just want to view it first: SUSE Paste

I found this AppMenu QML much more to my liking than the KDE Kickoff default- or menu-style:
AppMenu QML KDE-Look.org

I can recommend Lancelot (I think it is pronounced Lauch-a-lot), that I am using on my Laptop.

I like it a lot. I could not get used to its default “click-free”-usage option, but since this is an option, it is easily deselected.

+1 for lancelot it makes thing a whole lot easier.

After playing with things a while I have found I am using Takeoff quite a bit as my launcher now. Takeoff KDE-Apps.org