KDE Keyboard shorctus


I am currently running 64 bit OpenSUSE 11.1 and I cannot set KDE keyboard shortcuts. Global shortcuts from applications work fine and are fully configurable, but the shortcuts controlling the graphical environment like: switch to desktop, move window to desktop seem to be fixed and are not amenable to my attempts to modify them. It seems that they are fixed to KDE Default 3 Modifier Scheme.

Using applications like Keyboard Shortcuts or Configure Desktop don’t yield any results. The applications remember my choice but it does not impact system behavior at all.

It must be something truly simple that I am missing. If you could please give me any hint on that I would be most grateful.

You neglected to mention if you are using kde3 or kde4?

Sorry. My KDE version is 4.1.3. Any help will be much appreciated.

Check here:

Many thanks. It works perfectly now. Now I see my folly… The application Keyboard Shortcuts I was configuring was for KDE3. Thank a lot.