KDE keeps freezing

I’m starting to get a case of “buyers remorse” about upgrading my system to 11.2. I’ve been a Gnome user since I started using linux a few years ago, but with the enhancements in KDE with this build of Suse I decided to give KDE a try. Once I got past the learning curve of figuring out where everything was and got the system configured to where I could use it, it keeps freezing up causing me to hold down the power button to shut down the system, nothing is appearing in the log files.

Here is the info about my system and changes that I’ve made:
Laptop is a Proliant nx9420 with 4GB of RAM.

I’ve turned off IPv6 to get the network manager to connect to my home WiFi, which it won’t initially connect to the hidden network unless I turn the broadcast on, the it will continue to connect once I hide it again.

I’ve turned on desktop effects with the native driver, it doesn’t appear that ATI supports the latest kernel yet.

I’ve used both ext4 and reinstalled with ext3 for the file system types, both result in the same freezing.

I’ve set up Pidgin, which keeps trying to run on startup and prompts for kwallet, I just found out how to turn that off.

Once I get the plugins I use installed in Firefox, when I try to open it, the mini icon that “jumps” next to the mouse arrow becomes pixelated and leaves the upper and lower regions on the desktop, and Firefox either doesn’t open, or opens saying that the previous session crashed and asks me if I want to restore. No matter what option I pick it freezes again.

Has anyone else run in to this much trouble with this build or is it just me? I’ve reinstalled with a Gnome only environment and so far everything has worked perfectly, which works for me, but I am interested in checking out the KDE environment.

I’m sorry I can’t help you with your problem - but any chance you could help this guy out?

Pidgin and Keyring - openSUSE Forums

> I’ve reinstalled with a Gnome only environment and so far
> everything has worked perfectly, which works for me, but I am interested
> in checking out the KDE environment.

i’ve been using KDE3 and hoping eventually KDE4 would suddenly become
usable…i think i’ll be soon be installing 11.2 with GNOME (which i
used a few years ago, and liked)…


Has anyone else run in to this much trouble with this build or is it just me? I’ve reinstalled with a Gnome only environment and so far everything has worked perfectly, which works for me, but I am interested in checking out the KDE environment.

This install was a monster for me too.

Regarding the Keyring prompt, in KDE you can disable Kwallet to get rid of that prompt, but Pidgin is likely a Gnome Keyring prompt so look for the Gnome Keyring Manager tools to see if you can disable it there.

I use Evolution in KDE and also get the Gnome Keyring prompt for that.

Really annoying but haven’t taken the time to explore Gnome Keyring Manager to turn it OFF for Evolution.

Try Google for Gnome Keyring Manager

I have a compaq NX9600 and a thinkpad T400.

The compaq does freeze. I have no idea why. Same install on the same disk on the thinkpad - no issues. It’s something with the compaq. They’re terrible anyway, but don’t fault the OS for BS hardware. Getting the wifi to work on the compaq is riding the pain-train and ATI is terrible too.

All of your problems EXCEPT pidgin are related to the laptop.

Pidgin has problems of it’s own, use kopete.

EDIT: We can’t say C R A P? Seriously?

Freezes on KDE? First turn off all desktop effects. Turn them back on one by one to see if one of them is causing the freezes.
You say you use the ‘native driver’. If that’s ‘radeon’, turn off the desktop effects anyway.
From what it looks like, something went wrong with the install. Reinstall all packages from the KDE4 patterns in the software installer, and see if it gets better.

Thanks for the feedback, its nice to see that I’m not the only one. I’ll be giving a few of these suggestions a try tonight when I get home, probably do another fresh install. Good thing I took a backup before the upgrade. It sounds like I’ll have to wait for several of the features that “it would be nice to have” like the compiz features, but I can live without them for a while. I will give kopete a try and see about disabling kwallet. The first time I installed 11.2 I tried kopote with my yahoo account and it imported my entire email list as contacts even though I only have 7 messaging contacts, so I’ll have to see how to fix that.

Other than the problems that I’ve stated earlier, I do like what I’ve seen. I haven’t been a widget fan in the past but I could get used to using them. In any case I’ll probably give it the next couple of weeks to try to figure out these issues that I’m having before thinking about whether or not to switch back to 11.1.

Did the full fresh reload again, set the default KDE environment, made all of my settings except for Compiz turned off kwallet, and had one single freeze, but I had several FF tabs open and several other applications running as well. I think I’m in running order. Just need to wait for ATI to get the latest update for their video driver at this point, but I can live with that. Thanks everyone.

I see this issue as well. Also with an ATI x1600 mobility radeon graphics card. Since ATI decided to make the graphics card legacy (and not provide drivers anymore) I am using the radeon driver. The same happens if I run KDE4 under Fedora Core 12. The machine also gets quite hot. It’s a dual boot - and after freezing it sometimes even freezes the first couple of times when I try to boot into windows.
My machine is an hp nc8430 laptop


I have noticed something with KDE4 and freezing. The problem seems to be prevalent on HP/Compaq Laptops/Notebooks and with Firefox. Mine freezes when running Firefox which is what I primarily run since I’m an online worker.

Also runs hot at times but I work my machine and generally its hot here in my work environment so I won’t quiz that.


  1. Don’t use desktop effects. They are pointless in Office situation anyway.

  2. Try a new .mozilla profile (rename the old one so you can bring it back)
    It’s possible an extension is the cause, so only add them back one at a time, with time to test.

Had tried the desktop effects thing and it was not it. Machine still froze.

I also suspect a Firefox extension. Which makes it very easy to resolve.

Firefox ver 3.5.4

Current extensions installed are

Downloadthemall 1.1.7
Download Statusbar
Download Helper 4.6.4
Echofon 1.9.3
Evernote Web Clipper - - Not this one. Installed after freeze started
Extended StatusBar 1.5.7
Firebug 1.4.5
Google Gears
QuickProxy 2009.07.19 - Not this one. Installed after freeze started
Xmarks 3.3.2 - Not this one. Installed after freeze started
openSuSE Firefox Extensions - 1.0 - Key suspect

Could anyone else have an issue around this or close to this check if they have any common Extensions here to suspect. The only common one would be openSuSE Firefox Extensions but would be nice to see if we have any other similarities.

openSuSE Firefox Extensions - 1.0 - Key suspect

Seems most unlikely as it come by default in openSUSE and we all have it. No issue here anyway.

Well, its the only extension that we all have in common. Don’t want it to be the suspect one, but its attached deeper to KDE than the other extensions.

firefox -safe-mode

should clear that up pretty quickly

Did you find a solution to it?
I am also having the same problem, I also tried konqueror, but again the same problem…