.kde, .kde4 and nepomuk database

Opensuse 11.4, kde 4.7.2

nepomuk indexing uses .kde/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/data/virtuosobackend/
no nepomuk database exist in .kde4/
ALL other apps use .kde4/
Bangarang search works
Dolphin search does not work

Please help me

It exists here?

Have you tested a new user account to see if it behaves differently?

Just did, and nepomuk data base went to the right .kde4/. I suppose because i copied .kde/ from kubuntu and then renamed it to /.kde4
Under new user, dolphin search still gave me no results! Was I to impatient; Did I had to wait for nepomuk more time? Did I had to restart?
Is kde 4.7 supported under opensuse 11.4? should I delete my .kde4/ and try again? Should I roll back to 4.6? Should I tell my friend that I’m in love with her?

I deleted .kde4/ but not .kde/
I Rebooted
.kde/ folder was deleted (automatically) and it’s contents (nepomuk database) went to .kde4/ (automatically again)

This is just weird…

Dolphin search now works, bangarang’s stopped working

Importing a .kde from kubuntu and renaming it .kde4 is sure to be a mistake
Back it up and start a new .kde4 in your normal account
I don’t really use it and am currently on a Gnome 3 install in 12.1 RC1 so I can’t just look at things for you.

[solved] After a reboot or two, bangarand works. Porting your .kde from kubuntu bad idea, I think because opensuse uses .kde4