[KDE][kate] No way to launch kate as root

Since the last update it is impossible for me to open .txt files with kate.
I tried some “workarounds” with “SUDO_EDITOR” but it doesn’t work but in Konsole.
To use kate I have to launch it by the menu and then open the files that is quite slower than usual just click on file to open it in kate.

any idea to rollback to previous behaviour of kate ?


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ok so in the kde settings I may set kdesu -c instead of just kate ?
I try…
it works !!

I forgot about the kdesu command…

…in the application tab at command field: kdesu -c ‘kate -b %U’

Question is, when looking at the zipp.log… there is no kate update since april 2023… and similar posts are dating more than one year old… but I kept using kate as main editor in KDE without any issue until last update.

What happened ?


kdesu -c ‘kate -b %U’ on (some filesystems) revealed a bug: each node (tested on NTFS) are opened as a tab and the trailing text file is not opened.

kdesu -c ‘kate -b’ seems to be sufficient as workaround.
Tested on nfs, ext4, btrfs and ntfs.