KDE issue: mouse is unusable if below 1/2 way point on screen

This has happened as of the most recent TW update (20231113).
This also occurred in a previous update a few months ago (fixed in a subsequent release).

For example, you launch a browser and execute a search. If you move the mouse to any hyperlink below the lower portion of the screen, you can NOT click on any link.

Another example - launch Kate text editor that has lines of text that are visible beyond the lower 1/2 of the screen … you can move the mouse to the lower lines, BUT the mouse pointer changes from “edit” mode to “pointer” mode, meaning you can NOT select or click on a line to type or select text. I can use the keyboard up/ down arrow keys to move to those lines, but not the mouse.

It’s as if the mouse is disabled after it is moved to the lower portion of the screen.

This is a KDE Plasma issue … if I login using IceWM (as I’m using right now) , there is NO problem. it is happening on my laptop AND my desktop, so not a machine coincidence.

When this bug happened earlier and was repaired then this is a regression and should be reported in Bugzilla. or maybe reopen the older bug report.