KDE: Is it possible to change "wlan0" shown in the Network Monitor widget?

This discussion about showing people some visual toy to give them the impression they are in control, reminds me of the following.

Around 1970 our new computer was to be officially started by high brass (a government minister). He had to hit the Return key on the console (typewriter with paper). After that a program started that let our open reel tape units going forward/backward/rewinding in some random way. The line printer, in a loop, printed the same joyful message about the happening so that everybody, looking in amazement, could get a sheet to take home.

Of course no real, burdening, program was run. What when the system would brake during this session?

Maybe I should explain to the younger people here that in those times, when there was an item on television about computers, always rotating open reel tapes were shown. And sometimes flickering lights. It was all pure magic for the observers. And while nowadays they often show ethernet cables plugged in racks with LEDs going (this is the Internet!), it is still pure magic is for most.

First, it’s an honor to hear from people with so much experience- you people have been using computers since before I was born! I doubt if I’ll find so much experience even in paid support from Apple and Microsoft.
Forgive my ignorance, you two are like my college professors, and I feel a bit weird about this whole thread now :frowning:

I just wanted the UI to look a certain way. Sometimes there’s interference and forcing a different WiFi channel from the router config page does increase my download speeds. The HDD LED is just a preference. I can turn mine off by pressing (Fn+H), but I keep it on…

It’s way out of line for me to argue design concepts with you. Sorry.

Hope this won’t create an impression that I’m a “know it all smarty”- I’m not, I’m just a student.
And hope I’ll get your help if I get stuck on something in the future :X

Of course you will – this is openSUSE!!! (With Rock 'n Roll built in … ) :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome. Have a great day.