kde instead gnome visual label bug

i have installed only gnome. Then decided to use kde instead of it. so i’ve rebooted and choose install, than update, select Software and mark gnome as Trash. And Check KDE. Than i push accept button, revert to Screen with total Software, language , keyboard and other options and See that GNOME is marked with PLUS.(not as minus or trash).
Its only visual bug. During update gnome is removing.

and another one bug.
GNOME has been deinstalled, (and as i consider i have KDE now), but after install i’ve got error, something like:
cannot start kstartupconfig. check install

why? I’ve check the whole KDE, not it’s some components.

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  • flylin,

please post in the applications or install forum. This one here is for suggestions and comments regarding the forum itself.
Thank you!