KDE: How to encrypt folder using Dolphin

I cant find simple solution for encrypting folder with passphrase.
I am looking for simple solution with no more then 4 mouse clicks from drop down menu in Dolphin.
Is it possible ?

Please don’t give me any other suggestion other then 4 clicks from Dolphin !

I tried the (rather obvious) context menu of a map entry listed in Dolphin (right-click). The Actions item there folds out and has items like Archive, Sign and encrypt. Is that what you mean?


That was a Right-Click a move down and then to the right and then one click to get to the subject.

A total of 4 clicks… Probably not… Both KGpg and kleopatra integrate with Dolphin and are available from the context menu, as @hcvv shows, however there are further mouse clicks to initiate the actual encryption/decryption.

Please don’t give me any other suggestion other then 4 clicks from Dolphin !

Well, if you want to achieve the task you may need to be a little less restrictive…

Take a look at “plasma-vault” as an alternative, once set up it’s very easy to use. A good brief tutorial can be found here: https://linuxconfig.org/create-encrypted-folders-with-plasma-vault Whether that would meet your requirements of course, only you can decide.

Plasma-vault looks interesting. Just wish I had files worth encrypting! Once you encrypt a file, can you pull it out of the vault to load it, encrypted, to the cloud?

There is a local directory. When you open Plasma Vault, that local directory is mounted so you can examine the files unencrypted. You can upload the entire encrypted directory to the cloud.

There are currently two different backends. One of them uses “encfs” for the encryption, and the other uses “cryfs”. If you plan to upload to the cloud, the recommendation is to use the “cryfs” backend.

Thank you.

Guess I’m looking for the wrong thing. When I right-click on a file, the option to encrypt appears via Actions. Clicking on Encrypt opens kleopatra. The dialogue box has sub-boxes for Prove Authenticity and Encrypt. But those boxes are unavailable to add entries. Clicking on encrypt file opens a dialogue asking for a passphrase. Is this the expected behavior?

The link to the plasma-vault page says, once set up, it is easy to use. However, I have no way to access plasma-vault. It does not appear in Dolphin or the terminal. When I installed it, the total file size was 7MB. I uninstalled and re-installed to see if I could correct the above behavior. It still didn’t work. However, the reinstall was not 7MB but only 1.5MB. I assume that means there were orphaned files that I can get rid of if I deinstall plasma-vault again.

Kleopatra is a graphic front end for “gnupg” (the “gpg” command).

For me, I have a choice if encrypting with a GPG key or of providing a passphrase. If you don’t have GPG setup, you will only get the passphrase option.