KDE: how to associate actions to mDNS / Zeroconf service types?

If we open Dolphin and navigate to the network:/ URL we get a view of Zeroconf devices on the local network. For certain service types, such as computername._ssh._tcp.local, KDE will execute an associated action upon clicking on the service’s entry in Dolphin. Other types however do not have an action associated, and yet others are not even known to KDE and show as “inode/vnd.kde.service.unknown”.

My questions are:

How can I make KDE recognise a new service type so that e.g., myservice._myservicetype._tcp.local becomes known as “inode/vnd.me.service.myservice” or whatever, and an action is associated so that it opens the right application when the user clicks on it?

I realise this is not an OpenSUSE specific question, but in my experience over the years I have got much better responses here than in the KDE forums. :wink:

I don’t have a good handle on this, but I assume that you’re advertising a custom service via avahi already? (ie /etc/avahi/services/foo.service). The service shows up in Dolphin network:/?

AFAIU, the kio-extras5 package contains the KIO slaves that KDE supports natively. I note that /usr/share/kservices5 and /usr/share/mime/ seem to contain many of the pertinent files in question.

Correct on both counts (the service is advertised by an external embedded system, but same thing)

Thanks for the pointers. I cannot try right now, but I’ll make a note and test on a virtual system when I next look into this. In principle, I guess that by creating the relevant files in those locations I should then be able to associate applications to the respective services.

Yes, I would hope so. Let us know how you get on.