KDE: how to add your own menu entry in the wallpaper/background context menu?

Right-clicking the background of a KDE desktop gives a context menu.

I would like to adapt this menu. (In particular, I want to open a wallpaper image with an application of my choice), but I don’t know if/how this context menu can be configured. Can somebody jhelp?


On the other hand, if you know where any given wallpaper image is located, you can then move over to that location and open the images located there with whatever you have at your disposal …

  • Most of the images you can see when you right-click the Desktop and select “setup
    ” are listed in the ‘~/.config/plasmarc’ file as the content of the “usersWallpapers=” parameter. - Any images which are displayed in the Wallpaper setup but not listed in the “usersWallpapers
    =” parameter are located in the ‘/usr/share/wallpapers/’ directory.