KDE hidden system tray apps issue with mouse buttons not functioning

running 13.1 x64, KDE SC packages from the 4.11 repos

Non KDE apps (other then the new NM .0.9.3) in the system tray are not functioning properly if hidden, either the right mouse button or both mice buttons do nothing. These apps work fine if displayed and not hidden. They worked properly until recently but not sure it happened during the 13.1 upgrade or the KDE 11.3 upgrade in 12.3.

apps with issues:

  • network management 0.9.3
  • goldendict
  • HP system tray
  • manage print jobs (hmm, this is also a KDE app)
  • Opera
  • caffeine

I did post a bug report upstream but no response or confirmation (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=327606)
Anyone else experiencing this?

I can confirm this for the following apps/plasmoids:

  • Manage print jobs (this is a plasmoid)
  • Software updates (the apper plasmoid)
  • KSensors (a KDE3 app)
  • aMule (a Gtk app)
  • Opera (Qt)

It seems to work with all KDE applications, but not all plasmoids and no non-KDE app.
But for the plasmoids mentioned above clicking with the right mouse button does work, left-click is ignored. Only the non-KDE apps don’t react to right-clicks as well.

I still have the old network management plasmoid (, this works fine.
The others you mentioned I don’t have installed, so cannot check.

I already experienced that with KDE 4.11 on openSUSE 12.3. I remember it for the “Software updates” plasmoid at least.

I just found out something by accident:
The problem is only there if you click on the text next to the icon.
If you click on the icon directly, it also works for those mentioned! :open_mouth: