KDE hangs occasioanlly. New install 11.3 updates installed.

I got my “test box” built and installed openSUSE 11.3(KDE) on it. The mouse hangs at random times while accessing applications changing, desktops etc.

I have the Nivdia drivers installed from the Nvidia repo and the Nvidia configuration tool shows up and is useable. Card is a 9500GT

kernel is Desktop

System is AMD Phenom II 955, Gigabyte MA770T-UD3, 4gigs of memory and Nvidia 9500GT fanless.

(I am posting this on my regular everyday system not the system in question.)

Is it as described in this:


If so, welcome to the club! In my case, the workaround mentioned that deals with the @HARDLOCKLIMIT = 1024 seems to make things much better, so it’s worth to try on your machine.

So even though you have the most recent kernel loaded, I would wonder if the script file please_try_again wrote might help any. It was shown here:

Keyboard & mouse freezes

Also, I wonder what might happen if you loaded the kernel, just to see if that might be the problem, if the first trick did not help. I have a script that allows most anyone to compile/install the most recent kernel into their computer.

S.A.K.C - SuSE Automated Kernel Compiler

These are just a couple of thoughts. I have the latest 2.6.35 kernel loaded, KDE 4.4.4 loaded, nVidia driver loaded and no freeze problems at all.

Thank You,

James - what’s your experience’s been with the .35 kernel? Would you recommend it on a “non-play” system? I’m hesitant to put it on my work laptop, since I can’t afford any major downtime there, but if your experience has been flawless, it may be worth a shot.

Unfortunately, I had to switch to Gnome on my main box (my wife uses it! so it needs to work) - Because kde just didn’t cut the mustard.
Otherwise, kde is good for me on my Intel Laptops (though I know some users have had trouble with Intel too)

Well what I am going to call desktop hitching is random.

This is not the every two to four second hitch/freeze that so many have had.
I am going to read the bugzilla page and see about this “hardlock” thing and applying it to the test box.

This happens on this machine so infrequently as to be a non issue. I though it was a Nivida/Kernel interaction thing but it may be a Nvidia/KDE 4.4thing.

It wasn’t a big issue for me and even in Gnome when I start a wine application, I get a hang for a couple of seconds, but only the first time I start the application during a session. Maybe that’s a clue…

This is just too random. Rebooting seems to have helped it a bunch. Disdabling the GPU temp in gkellm stopped the hitches there. I haven’t done anything else. :0

Well it is gnome apps starting sometimes that causes it but not everytime. confusing as heck.