[KDE] Freezes on logging in different user

I just reinstalled Tumbleweed and noticed that upon clicking “Different User” the GUI completely freezes(except for the mouse) until I reboot. Any help would be appreciated.

Might be worth noting I am using and FX-6300 with integrated graphics.

Does a “different user” exist to switch to? If yes, how did you create it?

What you have described is too sketchy. Please install inxi if it’s not already installed and then provide output from:

inxi -bGxx

An older version of inxi collection script (no binary) is in standard repos. If if you’d like latest, get it straight from the author. That way enables its self-updating option that the openSUSE edition disables.

On my old install, root was the different user that I could sign in to. Will include those outputs in a bit.