kde free space notifier settings ?

how to get a gui for setting kde free space notifier ?


There is none (and never was) AFAIK.

Except that you can enable/disable it in “Configure Desktop”/systemsettings5->Startup and Shutdown->Background Services.

if i ask this question this because i want to be notified in case of low space in “/” partition.

if there not any ui what is the statement to put in what conf file ?

The config file should be ~/.config/freespacenotifierrc , but there is no option to set the directory.
It only checks the free space for your home directory, that is hardcoded to $HOME.

If you don’t have a separate /home partition (i.e. your home is on the root partition), it will check the free space on / though of course.

PS: As I just looked at the code, I noticed that there is in fact a configuration dialog, you should be able to open it by right-clicking on the icon if a low-space warning shows up.
But again, there is no way to set the directory/partition to check.