KDE forgets session information & Passwords

Have just made the switch to OpenSuse 11.0 and KDE 4.0 (from Ubuntu & Gnome) and very impressed with how smooth everything works right out of the box. KDE4 is so pretty :slight_smile:

Two things though.

First, I have noticed however that KDE forgets my settings at the end of each session. For example, suppose I add a new application applet to to my panel. When I restart the session, the application isn’t there anymore. Or suppose I want to autoconnect a wireless connection. When I restart the session, the relevant checkbox is once more unchecked.

Evidently some things have saved since I have successfully removed some applets, and my wallpaper is still there, and my list of wireless connections are still there… so it may well be my own fault.

Still, I have tried the different options in the Session Manager (restore previous / restore manually saved / start with empty ) but nothing seems to work.

Second, perhaps this is the KDE way, but I have noticed that every time I use an administrator level app, like Package Manager or Personal Settings, I am asked to type my administrator password. This happens whether I check the ‘remember password’ box or not. I would have expected the password to be already in the dialog box albeit masked so all I have to do is click ok.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

I think it’s a kde 4.0 related bug.

My suggestion: remove kde 4.0 and install kde 3.5. :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion: remove kde 4.0 and install kde 3.5

You want to install kde 3 first, but there is no need to remove kde4. Remember it WILL replace kde3 and it WILL get better. Personally, I have no problem as you describe.
Make sure you have the widget lock ON.
In the early days of kde 4 when in 10.3, I had to delete my ./kde4 folder and restart session. This basically starts you as if it’s your very first login on kde4. Helped me back then. But my current kde4 settings came with me from my 10.3 install when I upgraded to 11 last week. And it’s just great.

Thanks for your replies everyone. Unfortunately deleting .kde4 folder didn’t really work. Oh well. I will try 3.5 today.