kde - firefox - 'text to voice' add on, no sound

I’v installed Pulse Audio Volume (PAV). I like the ‘text to voice’ addon. For opensuse 42.3, i’m using hdmi output to monitor. On older versions of firefox, I would get sound not here. I think it’s a hardware problem. Need help.


Simple steps to begin troubleshooting can include

  • Verify physical connections.
  • Make sure your external device (monitor?) is a reliable device and configured appropriately.
  • Try a high quality HDMI cable.
  • Test different applications (eg play a locally stored video instead of streaming).

Gather as much information as you can and test each component and connection until you have your problem surrounded.


VLC,tor browser, and firefox work for sound on youtube videos.

My panel was missing. So, I deleted my ‘.config’ folder. I had to reconfigure sound. That works for those apps. '‘speak it’ doesn’t work.

I’ll try another text to voice firefox app.

i’v tried none of 5 works. I searched for ‘text to speech’ and ‘text to voice’.

Correction: i’v tried 5+ apps, none of them work. I searched for ‘text to speech’ and ‘text to voice’.

This isn’t a hardware problem. Firefox won’t run any of the ‘text to speech’ apps. So, this topic closed. Thanks.