KDE - Firefox 'Save webpage complete' bug

On the three separate webpages, firefox ‘save as’,‘webpage complete’, will overwrite the main link page.

https://roguey.co.uk/xrebirth/editing/ships/ Main link page.

If you click the direct links or use the link through pages, then try to save each page. Firefox will try to overwrite the main link page.

I need to manually add to each save line ‘-pagex’ 1 to 4.

Would Settings>Save Page (Ctrl-S) be a better option for you? This saves the HTML code of the page to a new file.

That’s more of a web-design/programming problem than one with firefox I would think.

Same function. Save as -->web page complete.

In previous versions of opensuse, it worked. If the webpage had ‘page1’ in the html address, firefox would include that in the filename.

If find other websites that do this, i’ll post here.

the problem is with that site as it uses the same title tag for all pages

<title>Understanding ships - Roguey's X Rebirth site</title>

there’s nothing Firefox can do about it, afaik Firefox only uses the site URL if the <title> tag does not exist

There is also the idea that many website owners frown on the attempts to “copy the complete site”.

The idea of their website is that you visit it, hopefully on a regular basis, to view the content.

Not inferring this is you, but: They also face the continual plague of plagiarism, lazy scums who copy the creators’ content and repost it on their own sites as their own.

On my websites, I have a few safeguards built in to help stop, or at least reduce, the success of attempts to copy it. I also have systems setup to detect this and automatically blacklist such visitors.

Alright, I get it, just improper/bad website coding. I have all the webpages saved, modding tutorials. But they are not linked together. I can try to link them together.

New question for another topic, converting HTML to ODT format. (don’t comment here).

Practical issues, I tried once on medium size website. It total of 5 hours and it wasn’t even close too a full copy. So, I just copied the pages I wanted. Also, I found a website to convert html to PDF form. Handy website, but I can’t align the pages without a PDF editor.


… and my measures will be worth the effort if the day ever comes that I put something worthwhile on my websites. :Protfl!

… hmm, most things I want to keep for handy offline reference, I just sweep the text and paste it into a plain text file, adding the URL and the credit to the site in case I ever repost it, in which case I can refer to the source and give credit where credit is due.

At least, I try to. But, I sometimes forget, though, and then can’t relocate the source to get that information.

Good luck with your project.

I’m always grabbing bits here and there into ‘linux_info’. Sometime, I’ll get around separating them into small files. Soon, later, maybe, well someday. :\

Thanks for the help.

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I use to do that on the old Firefox unfortunately quantum killed xpcom addons and the new security features prohibit addons from accessing the local storage if you’re still on ESR I"d reccomend you try one of the Scrapbook addons
ScrapbookX is still developed (now days mostly for Pale Moon and Basilisk)
it allows you to save whole pages, linked pages or even parts of pages to your hard disk (the location can be changed in about:config extensions.scrapbook.data.path)
if you’ve moved on to Firefox 57+ you can always use Basilisk as a 2nd browser for addons use

Thanks all for the help. I have the problem under control. :slight_smile: