KDE failing in weird ways - No menu, no taskbar

Hello together

I have severall computers at home running Leap 42.3 and a NAS which exports the home directories of several users via NFS to these computers. This is done mainly for convenience and easy backup reasons. Now I had some availability issues with the NFS volume (which is mounted as /home on the clients). I also sometimes use VNC to access a desktop machine from a laptop.

After these issues with NFS I have similar problems on all machines in accessing KDE. It either does not start (it attempts to but fails) or it starts without showing a menu and taskbar (ALT-F2 works though and I can invoke a konsole) and sometimes also there are no window widgets (either the top bar does not exist or it is completely black). This happens both on display :0 as wenn as any VNC instance.

I have tried erasing .kde .cache .dbus .local/share/* /tmp/USERNAME /tmp/USERID and also .vnc to no avail.

What could cause that behaviour, which survives reboots?

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Perhaps altered permissions on the exports after your issue with NFS (which you may like to explain)?

No, the permissions are ok. the NFS server was crashed for long periods of time, so the client was not seeing home directories of logged in users.
Once the NFS was restarted and a

mount -a

command was issued on the client operation could be resumed
Unfortunately this happened many times and at some point resuming the session lead to above mentioned problems.



If Desktop Manager plasma (Wayland) is being used try plasma without wayland

If plasma is being used are the symptoms the same when using icedm

If icedm works OK does toggling back to plasma improve things