KDE erased plasmoids on my desktop

I’ve just logged in to the desktop and I can’t see my old desktop background picture and the plasmoids which were on it (clock, folder view). As far as I can tell nothing in my system has changed.

I’m using KDE 4.5.2 version 9 and been using it since it was released in the KDE stable repo.
My system is openSUSE 11.3 upgraded from 11.2 32 bit. I don’t have any other non standard repositories except for the KDE stable repo.
All help is appreciated. Thanks for help in advanced :slight_smile:

Check to see if your desktop activity changed…if so; change it back to the one you were using.

Click the Tool Box (default is top right corner) and select activities.

Thanks alot for help. This is it :slight_smile:
I wonder why the activity changed but it’s not critical information at the moment anyway.
Thanks alot once more.