KDE Dolphin: can the focus-existing-instance be disabled?

  • have a symlink to a folder on Desktop
  • click on folder opens dolphin
  • another click on folder does not open another instance of dolphin but simply puts the existing one into focus

Can this behaviour be disabled? It gets even worse with virtual desktops. Of course I want a new dolphin window here on this desktop and not be sent back to whatever desktop happens to have dolphin with this folder open. And if I click two times on the same symlink, I want two dolphin instances with the same folder open.

Please do not discuss whether the current behaviour or my expectations make sense. I just want to know if there is some easy switch to disable it, before I have to dive down into the source code. For now, I am working around it by opening new dolphin instances and then have shortcuts in there.


Here on Leap 15.5 – the same Dolphin behaviour …

  • Changing the Dolphin configuration → Startup → “Open new folders in tabs” doesn’t change the behaviour …

  • Starting Dolphin from the CLI creates a new window –

> dolphin --new-window ~/Desktop/«Symbolic Link name»

  • Right-Click on the Symbolic Link name on the existing Dolphin window’s header also allows a new Dolphin instance …

There is this confirmed KDE Bug Report (Change Request) – <https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=456312>.

You could try bouncing this off the KDE Community in their new Forum – similar (same platform) to this Forum – <https://discuss.kde.org/>

Thanks for the link. I kind of suspected this was a feature. Apparently the bug was fixed exactly how the reporter wanted it to. To me that is an unfortunate choice but I am well past discussing usability with developers.


I’ve noticed something else –

  • Right-Click on the Task Bar – choose Setup the Task Bar [Alt-D, S]
    The tab “Behaviour” → For “Middle-Click on a Window” choose: “Opens a new Window” …

Click on the symbolic Link name in your Desktop Folder.

  • The Dolphin task on the Task Bar → Middle-Click on that Icon …