KDE does not start after upgrade from 12.1 32bits to 12.1 64bits

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a problem with my laptop. It is an Inel i3 machine with Intel i915 video card. The story goes as follows:

  • I had 11.3 32bit without problems

  • I upgraded to 12.1 32bit via zypper dup, it worked ok, only NetworkManager applet did not appear

  • I’ve upgraded to 12.1 64bit via installation DVD and I got into trouble

I had a problem with video driver as the upgrade installed also the legacy intel drivers. Once removed, kdm login screen dispalys ok and I can login to alternate WMs but not into KDE itself. So the video driver is not the problem any more.

Inspecting /var/log/messages I can see:

systemd-logind[900]: New user xxx logged in.
systemd-logind[900]: New session 2 of user hlousek.
systemd-logind[900]: Linked /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 to /run/user/xxx/X11/display.
checkproc: checkproc: can not get session id for process 5561!
systemd-logind[900]: Removed session 2.

The same message appears for a regular user as well as for root.

I think if this can be connected to NetowrkManager service somehow as it is the first service that starts after successful login on my desktop (according to /var/log/messages)

What do you think about this? Any advice wellcome.



I think I’d be testing the 32 bit version again

On 2011-11-28 11:06, bra7ka wrote:

> - I’ve upgraded to 12.1 64bit via installation DVD and I got into
> trouble

That’s a non supported update path.

Run a query like this:

rpm -q -a --queryformat "%{INSTALLTIME};%{INSTALLTIME:day}; \
%{BUILDTIME:day}; %{NAME};%{VERSION}-%-7{RELEASE};%{arch}; \
" \
| sort | cut --fields="2-" --delimiter=\; \
| tee rpmlist.csv | less -S


rpm -q -a --queryformat "%{INSTALLTIME}	%{INSTALLTIME:day} \
%{BUILDTIME:day} %-30{NAME}	%15{VERSION}-%-7{RELEASE}	%{arch} \
" \
| sort | cut --fields="2-" > rpmlist

and carefully inspect the result looking for packages of the wrong arch,
and replace them with the appropriate arch.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)