kde desktops

IMHO kde 3.5 is still the way to go. Have tried kde4 as well but it seems to be very undeveloped as yet,and has caused many probs for me.stuck with it over MANY installs and nearly junked opensuse in the process.Stable is the word. And for me -Dolphin needs a lot more work.
Gray fragray@lavabit.com

It’s advertised as “experimental”, included only for development purposes, for people not to get serious with. Maybe next openSUSE release you could use it for serious work.

I actually like kde 4.1’s development version a lot, it still has few problems but other wise its actually really nice :slight_smile:

Greetings from Guelph. As an OpenSuse user since 10.1, I decided to install both KDE 4.0 and 3.5 on my desktop. Now what I do is take turns using each one for the same tasks so I can compare the two. If KDE 4.0 stalls on a task, you simply log out and back in to KDE 3.5. Interesting and fun!

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