KDE Desktop Window Rendering issues in openSUSE 11.4

I recently installed openSUSE 11.4 from its KDE Live CD and I am having some window manager rendering issues I am attaching the screenshots along with my installation.

The buttons look old and do not seem to be in place.

SUSE Paste

SUSE Paste

Any suggestions as to what libraries I may have been missing

This happens with non native apps like LibreOffice, Chromium, Firefix etc

The buttons look old and do not seem to be in place.

Hello and welcome!! Which buttons do you mean?

Hi If you look at the tool bar and the menu bar

Sorry but I can not see a problem. It is normal

Then have a look at ‘Gtk Styles and Fonts’ in Personal Settings. Choosing a different style might work wonders.

Yeahh go here
start menu–>system settings–>application appearance


Ha I had already tried GTK+ Style but that does not solve the problem

Try with other theme or style.

I already did that… any other solutions