KDE desktop task bar trouble

I got opensuse11.3 with KDE desktop. After installation everything was ok, but all of a sudden the right hand side of the taskbar (system tray) went in towards the left and I can’t see the open windows in the task bar. I have gone through the panel settings and everything but the problem remains. Can anyone give me any ideas how to fix this thing?
Thanks in advance!

at the right hand end of the taskbar there is an icon to open up the config of the taksbar.
Once in there move the arrows to the right to make your taskbar fill the entire width of the screen again.

Thanks for your advise. I tried with the arrows, but the problem is that both the horizontal arrows either move together to the left or the bottom arrow moves to the right to squeeze the task bar to the right edge, without opening up the whole width of the screen. Maybe there is something that I’m doing wrong with the arrows?

simply moving both arrows to the extreme right should make the task-bar fill the entire width of the screen. At least it does for me.

Yes the arrows are in the extreme right. The task bar by itself is spread across the whole screen, but the system tray(the part with the watch and calendar) has bumped into the other end and there is no space between tyhe application launcher side and the system tray.


It looks like you may have accidentally deleted the Task Manager. To get this back simply click on that same icon that brought up the configuration options. Then choose “Add Widgets…” and search for Task Manager. Once it shows up, drag it to the panel. With the options still open, you can then drag the Task Manager between the application launcher and the system tray and you should be good to go!

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oh, I see what you mean.
Sounds like the task manager widget is missing.
simply add the task manger widget and insert it between the system tray and the app launcher (and whatever other icons you might have to the left).

Hey. I had this same problem too. Thanks for the help. It solved my problem.