KDE desktop panel

I would appreciate if anyone on here knows what is going on with my panel or system tray on my desktop. It seems it has disapeared or I have inadvertently deleted it.when i minimalize a page or application there is no tray there for it to drop into anymore. I have tried to reconfigure the desktop but have not been able to find the settings - I thought that is where it should be. It is quite annoying because the panel had the time, calendar, and other useful things on it. I am not so knowledgable with this operating systemm either so please be patient.
Thank you


Right click the desktop and make sure the widgets are Unlocked
Now right click again and add panel
You will need to move it, expand it etc… and add to it widgets, like the sys tray, clock, task manager.

[edit] I just tried this. When you do add panel it will ask if you want to add default panel, choose that option

Thank you. I didn’t actually have the ‘add panel’ option or options to unlock widgets from right click on the desktop. Playing around i clicked on ‘start new session’ and the panel returned. Thankfully everthing is back as it was, I hope it stays that way. I appreciate you help.
I am running openSUSE 11.0 (i586)KDE: 3.5.9 “release 49.1”

kde3 That explains it;)

thank you very much
I was very tired for this problem…but with your perfect soloution every thing is right
good luck