KDE desktop icon question

Hey all,

I am wondering if there is someway that I can center the desktop icons along the top.

Thanks in advance,


I’m in my kde4 sys at the mo
But with my kde3 I can move the desktop icons wherever I want, I don’t think there is a specific feature to do what you want, you just have to do it yourself.

I tend to try and eliminate any desktop icons and work from the panel
or you could use the osx like dock, which I think you can position where you like.

There is a feature I think to lock the icons in position once you have them in the right places. Probably accessed ny right click - config desktop
or via Control Centre

I use KDE 3. Right-click on the desktop and align icons to grid. Then just place them in the center.


Thanks Guys,

One more thing,

How do I remove the trash icon from the desktop? All the other Icons I right clicked and deleted, but what to do with the trash icon, I would like to remove it from the desktop.