KDE desktop icon placing

It appears that the desktop icons can only be positioned along the top edge or left-hand side of the screen (rows or columns). I would prefer to lay them out on a grid layout near the bottom LH corner, as I had on my previous 13.2 installation. Is this possible?

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Yep. You cannot compare 13.2’s KDE to the current KDE, 13.2 still had KDE4. Yet, you should be able to recreate such a thing, by dragging from the kicker menu and dropping them on the desktop. Lock widgets afterwards and you should be fine.

Thanks, that seems to have worked. I did try this previously and the icons were moved back on rebooting, but it looks OK now.

No time to search now, but IIRC there was a bug which put them back to their stock placement. But, good it works for you now.

FWIW, you can do it easily - pretty like it was in KDE4 - if you set the desktop to folder view, set icon placement to no ordering and afterwards block icons in position.
You can access the icon options by right-clicking a empty area of the desktop.

P.S.: this is on LEAP 42.3, don’t know about Tumbleweed.